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Alice graduated from Albany Law School in 1999 and, after hiatus, was admitted to the New York State Bar. The Law Office of Alice M Breding, Esq., PLLC is a general practice firm and Ms Breding’s primary focus is family centric Residential Real Estate Law. Much of her work focuses on helping individuals buy their first home as well as helping them make plans for taking care of their family in the future. She also practices in the areas of Estate Planning, Small Business Planning, Vehicle and Traffic Law and Trademark/Copyright Registration.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Alice was a restaurant manager at a casual fine-dining establishment. Prior to that, she did what so many people do to put themselves through school, she waited tables. A total of 11 years in the restaurant industry taught her the importance of people skills and the ability to work quickly and efficiently. She also worked for a year as a consumer rights advocate.

When not in her office or in court, you can find Alice helping build houses with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering elsewhere, attending fundraising events for the Animal Protective Foundation, raising money for those charities and other animal rights/rescue charities, or trying to hone her photography skills.

When taking time for herself, you can usually find Alice hiking, working to make her home more beautiful or, playing with or cuddling up with one or both of her dogs while doing some recreational reading or just watching something on the TV. 

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